I'm Siena, Sicilian, live in Brooklyn New York and my own world. I'm a brunette, big eyed teenage piano player,actor and writer. I have done performing arts for years and film. This blog consists of cinematic stuff, movie quotes, attractive men, music. Some fandoms include,Marvel, Supernatural, Teen Wolf,The Hunger Games, The Maze Runner, AHS, ect. I love all music.Nature. Follow me and I'll probably follow you. Tell me what you think if you like. That's it so enjoy my Tumblr. :) <3


I just saw Zero Dark Thirty. I can say that some movies leave you at the edge of your seat and this one really did. Very suspenseful but very, very well done. The acting was phenomenal and the fact that the movie is based off of such an important issue and the greatest manhunt in history just made it greater. I should also mention that the music score was beautiful . However, if you do go see it prepare for the suspense. Like The Hurt Locker, Zero Dark Thirty was a wonderful and true movie. 

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